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The Corporate Collection

The Corporate Collection, with its proprietary blend of ingredients was born to serve the Modern Man who commands the day. The activated pheromones, mixed with his natural body oils will provide each man with a smell that is only unique to him. This unique smell can be likened to that of your are the only person in possession of it. We have provided the products and nature will do the rest! All those in close proximity of your robust scent will be drawn in for a more compelling inspection. As you become THAT guy that everyone talks about, wants to be, or be closer to, your professional life will take an equally large leap forward. The Corporate Collection is made for all Modern Men. If you possess lofty goals, are already a success, or wish to go to the next level, our 10 proprietary products will support your personal care needs. With the names like Baron, Titan, and Magnate you will attack each day self-assured that you are armed with the tools to make all that you desire come to fruition!

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Trinity Hills Co.

Your Go-To Source For All-Natural Men's Grooming

Golden Grooming Company

All Natural Shave, Hair & Skincare Products For Men Of Color

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Rugged Evolution

Beard Care Products. Rugged Evolution Incorporated is committed to providing our patrons with hand made products that have 100% all natural ingredients. Whether you wear a goatee, shadow or full beard our line of products will enhance all types of hair.

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Uncle Jimmy Products

We offer top quality men's grooming products that promote healthy looking hair, beard and skin.

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Chinstrap Beards

Chinstrap Beards is the first men’s grooming company to bring you the Silk lined beard protector. Men are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of proper grooming and self care and are starting to invest more into their appearance. Chinstrap Beards has made it possible for men to protect their beards and faces from the negative effects of sleeping on regular cotton pillowcases. We have created the ultimate solution for common issues like split ends, hair breakage, dry skin, and brittle beards. We also put money back in your pockets due to the fact that you can use less of those expensive beard products to maintain a healthy beard and hydrated skin.

Solo Noir For Men

First 100% All-Natural Grooming Line, featuring 2-in-1 Face + Beard + Shave + Body Care Solutions

The Cut Buddy

Haircut and Beard Shaping Tool

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